Monday, March 22, 2010

Trading Pedals

Sorry to report that I whimped out. I broke up with my (rented) bike yesterday, traded it in for petrol powered pedals, and have to admit that I'm not that torn up about it. I'd heard horror stories of the climbing on the west side of Tas and with a weather report calling for showers all week I opted not to lug that blessed bike through the rain for the next few days. That said I did get in a great ride of the East Coast and back inland to Launceston.

Speaking of, when I got into Launceston I lucked out and met yet another good natured Dutchmen looking for someone to head to Cradle Mtn. While the weather wasn't the greatest we got in a great hike around Dove Lake and a few other side tracks. With all the rain the rivers and falls were all swelled with water and quite dramatic. I also got in the hiking tracks at Cataract Gorge in Launceston. A beautiful natural feature tucked in right next to the city.
Dove Lake boathouse

Found a cheap cheap car for the week (thanks to a tip from Niek, the Dutchmen) and am out and about cruising the forests and coasts of the west. Covered Mt Wellington outside of Hobart yesterday and this morning found me soaking up the sweet smells of the eucalyptus canopy after last nights rain. It was quite relaxing to cruise through the beautiful forest roads listening to symphonies on the one radio station that still came in. Had a great morning walk through several tracks in the mixed forest, including the Tahune Airforest walk through the canopy. Off to the Hastings caves now...

View down to the joining of the Picton and Huon rivers from the Tahune canopy airwalk


Best Trading Strategy said...

It was rather relaxing to sail through the beautiful forest roads listening to symphonies on the one radio station that still came in.

Stacey said...

Oh my, it looks so beautiful and refreshing there. Happy for the report! Motorized transportation? What's that!! I mean I know what it is, but I was beginning to think you didn't! lol

Continued fun in Taz...


P.s. Mr. Lucky is doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much. He doesn't like basketball, it won't fit into his mouth no matter how hard he tries. (The fam has been playing a lot of PIG lately).