Friday, March 5, 2010

Eaglehawk Neck

Pedaled to Richmond for Day 1 and landed in Eaglehawk Neck for Day 2. It's pretty much the last town (if you can call it that) before Port Arthur and is known for the dogline. The neck is a narrow land passage connecting Port Arthur to the rest of Tassie. Since Port Arthur was a prison ground they protected the neck with lines of rabid dogs to prevent escapees from making it to the mainland.

The riding so far has been good. My rented steed is definitely below par in performance and requires a maximum amount of effort for a minimum amount of speed, especially uphill. I've been entertained by the wildlife crossing signs and variety of roadkill. This is a carrion eaters dream, an all you can eat buffet of rabbits, foxes, kangaroos, bandicoots, possums, birds, lizards, wombats, and tasmanian devils. Nothing quite like the smell of week old death on a hot day. Guts splayed and eyes no where to be seen.

The countryside here is beautiful and I have to laugh a little about their references to busy roads. Relative to stateside cycling tours this is some of the lightest traffic I've ever seen. Spent some time yesterday checking out some of the geological wonders of the area: the Tasman Arch, Devil's Kitchen, the Blowhole, and Dootown (a collection of homes that are all named something or another with 'doo' in it). Staying at a cute little backpacker/cyclist place with the resident sheep, aptly named 'come here', as my neighbor. It's complete with a recycled rainwater water system and composting toilet that believe it or not does not smell.

The stay so far has been nice, but it down poured all night and morning. Got everything hanging up in the kitchen area to dry while I'm out for the day. I'm chilling at a local hotel overlooking Pirates Bay using their computer for a minute before heading out to see the Tessellated Pavement and Dogline. Was hoping to do a boat tour of Cape Pillar and Tasman Island, but it's not running today so I'll hit it up tomorrow then head out of town the following day. Believe it or not, I'm not heading to Port Arthur. I did a penitentiary church and prison tour in Hobart and that was enough of prison cells and gallows for me. Prisons - No thanks!


Anonymous said...

prison pics, please!!!!

:), rachel

ps. china is ~may 10-june 6. beiging, chonqching, shanghai...if you decide to hit up asia lmk.