Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mototaxi Junket...a sputtering start

So the junket has been faced with a major hiccup (Honda Peru backing out of the deal to deliver the moto´s in less than 2 weeks before the launch). They found a backup, but the motos are coming from everywhere (even by boat from the Amazon) and being thrown together quickly. Waiting on all the vehicle docs as well and they will hopefully arrive today.

Instead of launching Sunday, we´re all still in Huancayo plotting and planning how we might be able to still get to Asuncion with the time left. I´ve saddled up with a fantastic group of chaps from the UK and Scotland - Mental Militia (aka Mental Matilda), Gavin and Neil, and Pirate´s Nest, Simon and Phil. They´ve all acquired fake leather biker jackets and look a bit like Hell´s Angels relative to the locals. They´ve even convinced me to adorn my jacket a bit with some stripes and a lightning bolt. It´s going to be a grand time!!!

Be on the lookout for updates at our team pages and you can read the latest new from The adventurists as well at

Team pages:

Pic: Simon at the helm, with Neil hanging off the back for better cornering.

The bikes are rickety at best and being tossed together so quickly that I´m sure we´ll be spending the first 100k or so picking up all the nuts and bolts. They are as gutless as they promised and steer worse than a stubborn donkey. We´re well stocked with tools, spares, and wild ambition to take them as far as they´ll go!



Stacey said...

Remember that little red Honda motorcycle we used to crash and burn when we were little. That totally kicks ass (donkey kind,so on and so forth) over that lovely piece of dare I say modern technology. Good thing we know what a wrench is.

I saw a book today at the kids' school book fair and thought of you. It had an outline (head on) of a swanky 80's mullet. The title was "What Would MacGuyver Do?" Just to clarify, it wasn't the mullet that got me going. lol

Bought Wonder Mutt a dog bed this week. It was the kind with the high foam sides; he didn't like it. I think I'm going to get him a doggie pillow instead. Loves to play ball still, only he drops it in the middle of the yard so that he can run either way. Needless to say it's fun to fake him out.

Take care, be safe, have fun. Love Ya!