Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Lares Valley and Machu Picchu

While Machu Picchu is an amazing site, the hike through the Lares Valley, the great people on the trek, and amazing trekking service made this trip more memorable than a visit to the ruins alone.

Most folks go for the standard Inca trail. Hearing stories of a crowded trail that makes you feel more like you´re walking a 5k charity event rather then trekking an ancient path, the alternative trek sounded ideal. It promised to be off the beaten path and it delivered.

I want to elaborate on the whole trip, but I´m super short on time as I´m in Huancayo getting ready to launch for the Mototaxi Junket. Andina Travel, the agency I went through, has a great itinerary that´s pretty true to our trek save for a few minor deviations. http://andinatravel.com/0621-lares-valley-circuit.html
Our guide, Jorge, became a fast friend and even met up with the group of us for dinner in Cusco and later Lima. Great guide and even better guy. He´s worked for an NGO in the area and done lot´s of studies and educational research on the local communities and the impact, both good and bad, that the tourism industry has.

The rest of the Andina crew was great too! From our radio weilding chef extraordinaire Isaac and his graceful indigenous flute playing assistant Feliciano to our timely and efficient wranglers Domingo, Daniel, and Manuel - the service and hospitality was amazing. Can´t say I´ve ever been woken in my tent by a fresh cup of hot tea and bowl of hot water to freshen up. This trip might have spoiled me.

In addition to the crew, we had an absolutely spectacular group of people to trek with. Dave and Agnes from Cornwall and Poland kicking off their 9 month honeymoon and Roly and Renny from the Netherlands putting in 6 months on the road before getting hitched this December.
Last and certainly not least, my pal Sara who came down from Seattle to join in the adventure for a bit.
Thanks everyone for a fantastic trip!

Pics coming. Internet ain´t what it is in the States.


Stacey said...

Wow... it looks like something from off a postcard or travel brochure. Most of the time the real thing is slightly less "beautiful" but the beachball pic is awesome!

Sounds the the trip/trek/tour was awesome! I don't even get warm water or a fresh cup of tea even at Kalaloch! lol Nine month honeymoon... no way. It's a different world. Right now I'm just trying not to strangle my kids!


Scuba Shell said...

the ball made it!!! I knew it belonged with you from the moment you trekked all the way down lake chelan in white caps for it!! Best $1.09 I've ever spent and now it's in Peru!! Wha Whuuu! (poet and don't know it).

Miss yoU!