Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mel-bin and around

Note: Pictures are borrowed from various places from the internet, I'll explain later

I quickly learned that Melbourne is not pronounced Melbourne, but rather as Melbin. Oddly enough though the Bourne series of movies is not pronounced as the Bin series. However you want to pronounce it though I had a great time in a fun city and it's surrounds.
Fitzroy was probably my favorite spot in the city. It was artsy, hip, and fun. Folks were riding bikes everywhere with fun baskets attached, lots of good cheap eats, a pretty hopping night scene, and good people.

The Rubik's Cube building at the Melbourne Museum - across from my hostel

I was lucky enough to meet some kind souls local to the area and got to spend some time hanging in the suburbs of Melbourne having a good time. Not spots you'd find on a tourist map, but my time there was most memorable (Thanks Jen and Kath!).

I got in a cruise of the Great Ocean road to see sights such as the London Bridge (the section closest to the shoreline broke off several years ago so it's more like the London Arch now), the Twelve Apostles (of which only 8 remain standing), the Blowhole, Thunder Cave, and numerous other picturesque sites along the way. It was a beautiful drive. (Thanks Jen!)

The Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road