Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue and Green

The Blue Mountains of Australia and the Green of Fiji.

I landed in Australia after 4 days of planes, trains, and automobiles (literally) and have had a great time mountain biking with kangaroos, hiking the many scenic trails around Wentworth Falls, taking in the good cafes in the area, resting, and catching up with some great pals. My pals Jill and Bryn are professional mountain bike racers that spend the US winter months living and training in Australia. These guys have it dialed and are very professional with their training regiment. I've been lucky enough to cruise along for a few XC rides, play driver for some DH runs, and get an inside look at the daily life of professional athletes. Jill is crossing over from four-cross to downhill racing on the North American circuit this year and Bryn will be tearing up the World Cup circuit. I'll definitely be cheering them on from wherever I might be (

Bryn prepping for some DH runs

The undercliff trail in the Blue Mountains

View from atop of Ruined Castle

Since Jill is a US citizen (Bryn is an Aussie) she only gets a maximum stay of 3 months at a time so we hit up Fiji for a few days to get her out of the country and get her a new stay. A bit resort-y for my taste, but a good time all the same. Nothing like floating in the ocean and taking in some sun. We rented a car for a day to see a bit of the countryside. All sorts of horses meandering about, cute little villages, beach and forest hikes, and some awesome roadside barbecue.

Jill and I goofing around in Fiji

The tree of lost soles

Playing ball on the beach (with a coconut and driftwood)

A horse with no name

A Fijian firewalking ceremony

Sunset in Fiji

Now I'm back in the Blue Mountains and gearing up to leave Tuesday for Tasmania!