Friday, September 4, 2009

Up and Downs

I was excited to load and post about killing and eating my first (and most likely only) cuye - otherwise known as a guinea pig, my host family in El Cristal, and all the beauty and primitiveness of life in the Intag region. Unfortunately, on the bus back to Picalqui I missed my stop since I fell asleep and had to catch another bus back north. Distracted by watching for the little kilometer signs that would indicate just where I was a sneaky thief got my camera out of my bag. I thought it rather peculiar he exited the bus so quickly in the middle of nowhere and it made sense later as I went to download photos and discovered I had no camera.

Life on the road I suppose. I have the rest of my bag and contents though and my trip will go on camera or not, thefts or not. Comes with the territory. Was a little disheartening as the camera I brought had a life ending lens malfunction the first day so this was a new one. Not sure when I´ll be able to get to a town for another, but rest assured I will sooner or later.


Stacey said...

Bummer. ~Devin
Bummer that you lost your camera. ~DJ
Sorry, Aunt April. ~Maddy

That totally sucks, and a new one too! Hopefully you'll make it to town sooner rather than later. We love all the pictures!


A-train said...

Cody, another volunteer, was gracious enough to lend me his spare while I´m in Intag so I´ll capture some of it again.

In the big scheme of things i guess it´s just part of travel in places like this. Just a camera though and I can replace it.

Thanks for the comments Devin, DJ, and Maddy....I love them!